StreamCatcher is a lightning fast rule-based ISAPI web server enhancement that allows a webmaster to selectively detect, manipulate and analyze incoming HTTP requests.
It allows rewriting of URLs (this feature provides many, many advantages), protects and improves web server performance during code red attacks, is able to enforce a unique and separate set of rules for web robots, and offers many other features.
Compact and flexible, StreamCatcher is a single DLL loaded by the web server software as both an ISAPI filter and an ISAPI extension. It is completely configurable via a web browser.
StreamCatcher was written to solve some practical problems that are nearly impossible to solve with IIS and common web application platforms. It solves compatibility issues with dynamic downloads and it allows portions of dynamic sites to be indexed by search engines as if they were static HTML files. It provides a simple strategy for stopping the overload associated with code red attacks and offers daily reports to give a webmaster a quick and easy way to watch site usage by humans and web robots.
StreamCatcher version supports the use of regular expressions to define both the URLs to match and the replacement URLs.

StreamCatcher is compatible with Microsoft's ISAPI specification and has been tested on Windows 2003 Server running IIS 6 in IIS 5 compatibility mode or natively, Windows 7 with IIS7, Windows 2008 Server running IIS 7 and all the way through Windows Server 2016. For 64-bit Windows, you will need the win64 version of the DLL, or put all AppPools into 32-bit mode so that the 32-bit StreamCatcher DLL can be loaded.*

The interactive consoles, which were used via web browser in StreamCatcher v1 to v1.8 but only on IIS 2 through 5, are available (as v1.9) via a standalone executable running on the server. That program is called SCConsole.exe and is included. So, now with StreamCatcher v1.9, you can use a graphical user interface to configure and test your configuration.

For detailed release notes, please visit www.href.com/scnotes.

* If 64-bit operation is critical for you, please www.href.com/contact us and tell us your situation. We need to hear from people who want a 64-bit version. We have one which we use in-house but it has not been made public yet.

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