Product Information
StreamCatcher is a lightning fast rule-based ISAPI web server enhancement that allows a webmaster to selectively detect, manipulate and analyze incoming HTTP requests.
Feature rich, compact and flexible, it is a single DLL loaded by the web server software as both an ISAPI filter and an ISAPI extension. See diagram.
StreamCatcher is completely configurable and controllable via a web browser. See diagram.
It is designed to allow from one up to an unlimited number of WebSites (domains or domain groups) on a single web server machine. For sites that host many domains, individually secure remote consoles are available for each hosted web site. See diagram.
StreamCatcher allows rewriting of URLs using rules saved in configuration files. Rules may be entered using classic/simple syntax, or using regular expressions. It protects and improves web server performance during code red attacks, is able to enforce a unique and separate set of rules for web robots, and offers many other features.

What StreamCatcher can do

StreamCatcher provides the following optional functionality for both HTTP and HTTPS incoming requests – on unlimited, independently-configurable WebSites per server.
  • It offers Filtering and Rewriting of incoming URLs using optional wildcards. Its rules are fully configurable.

  • It allows conditional responses to specific URLs.

  • It provides analysis and daily reporting on User Agents so that you can easily determine which web robots are frequently hitting your web site.

  • It detects web robots, and offers specific URL remapping for these robots, along with daily reporting of their activity. If you want, you can force all web robots to view one and only one page within your domain, giving them just the information you want indexed in the search engines and no more. Alternatively, you can control web robot access to each directory and/or file and/or web application on your domain.

  • It offers complete HTTP request analysis for web application developers and general education.

  • It can "play dead" by mapping certain incoming requests to "no response." This feature shows great promise in minimizing system invasions and preventing web server error pages being returned as a result of Code Red worm attacks. Whenever StreamCatcher "plays dead" the request never reaches the web server main processor and the request is omitted from the web server software log file. StreamCatcher optionally logs all such requests with only essential information. The "play dead" capability can be used for any incoming request pattern, not just the Code Red worm.

What StreamCatcher can't do until you ask

If there is a feature you are looking for in StreamCatcher that is not currently part of the product, then if you request this feature by writing to feedback@streamcatcher.com and the enhancement or addition is within the scope of the products infrastructure, then under normal circumstances, this will be incorporated into a new version within 48 hours. If you have a registered license, you will receive a free update.

Key features of StreamCatcher

  • A remote administration interface (via any browser) for configuration, testing and reporting;

  • Independent and secure remote consoles for each individual WebSite administrator;

  • A highly flexible configuration paradigm with text-based configuration files in arbitrary directory locations and no Windows registry entries.

  • Live Refresh: once loaded, all configuration settings can be altered and reloaded remotely without restarting the ISAPI web server software;

  • High Security: All user-names and passwords for remote control plus machine-specific paths are in a separate security configuration file that is not accessible through the remote console;

  • Real-time Trace Logging of Incoming URL requests arriving at all or an individual WebSite (remotely accessible);

  • A Testing Facility for determining how one (or hundreds) of incoming URLs will be remapped, with logic detailed and discrepancies from expected results highlighted.

  • Extensive use of color in test mode and trace log reports; colors are fully configurable.

  • Special handling of URL re-mapping for WebHub users;

  • Extensive Status and Error reporting;

  • All functionality provided by a single DLL;

Requirements and/or Compatible Software

StreamCatcher requires a web server running on the Microsoft Windows operating system. The web server software must support ISAPI filters and ISAPI extensions. IIS on Windows 2000, WinXP, Win2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10, and for servers, Win2008 through Win2016 are fully supported.

StreamCatcher requires approximately 500k bytes in RAM, and the software installation requires less than 800k of hard disk space. The documentation file requires ~900k in addition.

To use StreamCatcher on a 64-bit server, set the AppPool(s) to 32-bit. To do this, select the AppPool and go into Advanced Properties. There you can Enable 32-bit Applications.

StreamCatcher User Guide and Reference Manual in PDF format -- just over 100 pages -- Download here.
Notes for use with Windows Server: here.
Notes for use with Vista: here.

Upgrade Policy

FREE upgrades until version 2.

Technical Support

If you can not find the answer to your question in the StreamCatcher manual, please email sales@streamcatcher.com for sales issues, or email support@streamcatcher.com for technical assistance.

FREE Trial Version

StreamCatcher is FREE to download, and all features are active on localhost. When registered, features are active on an unlimited number of domains for each licensed web server.
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