Download and Full Evaluation of StreamCatcher is FREE
We say "full evaluation" because all the features in the "paid" version are included in the free download. So what is the catch? The free version runs on localhost (i.e. http://localhost or whereas the paid version runs on UNLIMITED domains on your web server (e.g. https://www.mydomainname.com plus ALL others on the same physical machine).
Nonetheless, if you need to test on domains other than localhost prior to purchasing a license, send a request to Customer Service via www.href.com/contact with the name of one of those domains, and we will send you a free registration code valid for 14 days.
As soon as you enter a registration code, all domains will be activated. There is no need to reinstall; you don't even have to stop the web server software!
A few questions before you download
NB: StreamCatcher is an ISAPI filter which installs into Microsoft Internet Information Server ("IIS") version 4, 5, 6 or 7 on a computer running Microsoft Windows. If you are unsure whether StreamCatcher ISAPI filter it is suitable for your application, please re-read Common Uses before downloading. Hint: it can NOT be used to capture video streams!

Please complete the following brief survey in order to download your copy of StreamCatcher software and documentation. (We will email the download instructions to you. Note: fields marked * are required.)
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Please note: StreamCatcher does NOT run on a Macintosh!
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